those hoggs, one of two

Thursday, October 20, 2011

If you are ever in Houston, there are two house tours you cannot miss. I've got some old Texas blood so even though we only lived in Texas briefly, I have a fond love for that state. The first house is the Varner Hogg Plantation.

In 1824 Virginia native Martin Varner purchased land from Stephen F. Austin. The original plantation was 4,428 acres to establish a rum distillery. In 1834, Martin Varner sold the property to Columbus R. Patton of Kentucky and it became known as Patton Place. After changing hands several times again, in 1901, former Texas Gov. James Stephen Hogg purchased the land. The Hogg heirs never lived on the plantation but instead found it plentiful of oil reserves as Gov. Hoggs had correctly predicted before his death. In 1958, Ima, the governor’s daughter, donated the plantation to the people of Texas.

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