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Sunday, October 9, 2011

On this blog I want to feature other blogs I love. After all, I am an official shelter blog addict. This is one of my favorites, one I discovered a few years ago and it was my "gateway" blog. Many have probably already seen her but just in case... here is Brooklyn Limestone.

Coming from New York (pre-nomadic life) I am always happy to see other New Yorkers revive what the city has. So much of old New York was torn down long ago (i.e. the manses of Fifth Avenue) and I'm a huge fan of the pre-war and brownstone alike. I digress, Mrs. Limestone (or Stefanie as I imagine her friends call her) and her husband renovated their Brooklyn limestone. I am always keen to see renovation versus restoration versus preservation! She graciously posts photos of her abode. Mrs. Limestone is terribly creative as well, you must click through her party planning, Halloween projects and all her crafts. So even if you are a nomad, her decor crafts are well worth a glance. Without further ado, here is a smattering of images from her blog:

She created this gorgeous kitchen out of a spare bedroom as old houses often, a. don't have an attached kitchen or, b. are in the basement as an old scullery kitchen, varies by period and region naturally. Now us nomads are not so fortunate do so such things, but just because you can't buy doesn't mean you can't look! Before and after:
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One of her bathrooms, I drool over that original sink fixture, before and after:
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Lovely living room, proving that just like people can wear different clothes, old houses look great with all styles of furnishings. And just look at those floors! Before and after:
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