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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How funny, the original version by Verdura.
The Stella and Dot version is very pretty and very on sale.
The cuffs remind me of when my husband took me to a Verdura exhibit. The brooches were my favorite. The first is a golden sapphire heart and the second a lion's paw shell. I love the use of cabochons and the shell is very old Verdura which used a lot of corals and shells if memory serves me.

I never did get in the habit of wearing jewelry when I was younger. Not even costume/fun things. It seems that I was always around horses and they have a way of making everything just plain dirty - really it seems a lot of bother and a very expensive habit, personally. However, it never hurts to admire how nice it looks on others!

Side note - I adore the colors in that shell brooch. How fun would it be to inspire a room with sapphire blues and coral pinks? And even the cuffs, they could translate into a room with just white walls but by adding splashes of jewel tones in accessories and upholstery, even a rental could just pop.

Photos from Luxist, you can see more pieces from the exhibition here.
Anonymous said...

I still haven't gotten into jewellery, it always feels too much for me aside from earrings on a night out, I even struggle to wear my wedding rings, I'm too active with my hands all day.