the blues

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This color is just perfection in Holly's new mudroom.

favorite rooms

Monday, May 28, 2012

So for the month of June we're on the move. Since my computer access will be spotty to none with an international move (and ipads and mobile devices are not conducive for blogging- I tried!) I've scheduled posts of my favorite rooms. Click on the image to go to my Pinterest for credits and all those details. For example, you can see that I pinned this from Mr. Loi Thai and it was done by Plain English. I hope you enjoy!

memorial day

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remembering lost friends this weekend. Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. image

mini magnetic clips

Friday, May 25, 2012

I am one of those fridge clutter people. I don't put it on the front - well mostly because it will not adhere to the stainless, but the side of my fridge has more stuff on it than a dorm wall. I was in a stationery store yesterday and saw these mini clothes pins so picked up some magnet tape too.

So easy, just a dab of hot glue and they're so handy.

privet clutch

Did you buy anything from the Privet for Target collection? I did - one place mat.

Okay, before you start thinking I'm one buckle short of a straight jacket, I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and have been looking for a suitable mat since. When I saw this in stores I thought it was just right for a summer clutch. So pretty self explanatory from pictures. I used some twill tape, snaps (rather than loud velcro, and remember not to use magnets which can deactivate cards) and some clear poly thread.

I first figured out how I wanted my envelope clutch to fold. Then I tried to ensure my snaps would match, attaching them to the twill tape to be sewed onto the panels of the clutch.

And the finished product. All told it took approximately forty-five minutes. I am really pleased with my jute and rope envelope clutch!

diy mirror by the lettered cottage

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This DIY mirror by the Lettered Cottage is just amazing. And have you seen their e-magazine? Very coastal and breezy, perfect for this time of year. They're so talented! I really like this mirror because while it is cost effective, you can enlarge a small rental visually by making this to any dimensions you like.


I've been working on a couple odd DIY's here and there (not nearly this elaborate!) I'll have to share soon.

laundry closet

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Busy week packing; I think I've done nearly twenty loads of laundry to prepare linens and clothing for shipping. All these chores have me thinking of a really efficient and stylish utility spaces like this.

unpainted inspiration

Monday, May 21, 2012

This afternoon I am having lunch with a friend who is expecting twins. And today, I am loving this girls room for two by Alec Hemer from Country Living.

okl challenge

Friday, May 18, 2012

I don't normally enter contests and I never win blog giveaways or anything of that nature. But I saw the One Kings Lane Pinterest Contest to describe your perfect summer day and thought, "what a fun idea!" And since I've become a pinning maniac, all the better. So my perfect day is all about Charleston, SC.

 Source: via Ann on Pinterest

Before we get started, here's a little snippet from OKL - neat huh?

In the spirit of summer, I designed my board inspired by a recent visit in Charleston to see family. I'm not from there but I love the spirit of the city and it was probably our last visit for some time once we move overseas. Despite the sweltering summer heat, I think that's a perfect town for a perfect summer day. Maybe start with a day sail in a small boat on the harbor, a picnic aboard perhaps followed by a swim, afternoon cocktails on the piazza and finally a late dinner on the town. Sounds like fun, don't you think? You can see my entire board here.

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

And of course, my favorite summer sip, a simple Tom Collins.

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

I'll try to get some photos from this past visit up for next week but let me tell you, I love that city eve more after every visit. So tell me, after all this what is your perfect summer day? Have a great weekend!!

live here

I've been so admiring this room from a current real estate listing in Charleston, SC. Actually, I adore all the rooms so I highly suggest checking out the swoon-worthy listing.  images from Daniel Ravenel

unpainted inspiration

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The verdant bedroom by Phoebe just says "spring" to me. Makes me miss the lovely team at Mrs. Howard just a tad, too.

telluride, three of three

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The last thing I wanted to share about this village is the beauty of the details. Since the preservation of the buildings is obviously very treasured, there are some beautiful architectural details around town.

What I look like as a crazy person taking pictures. Just kidding, he lives in a camera shop in town.

I hope you enjoyed the belated tour of Telluride enough to entice a visit.



Photos by me so please credit if you share, thanks!

telluride, two of three

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I wanted to share some of the lovely period houses of Telluride. They're so well kept and even the new construction blends seamlessly with the old. I loved the restoration of this one.

 And many more gems.




This was my favorite, Sotheby's only "fixer-upper"



telluride, one of three

Monday, May 14, 2012

I've been meaning to share these for about a month since we returned from there. I was a tad caught up in moving arrangements so better late than never. I hope your thoughts haven't turned to warmth and spring too wholly to enjoy the architecture of this mountain village.


Telluride, Colorado is one of those cities where they recognize the picturesque value is part of their aesthetic identity. They've done a lot of ensure that buildings conform to a certain standard of period preservation to maintain their iconic character. I hope you enjoy my photos!


Above is the San Miguel County Courthouse. The original structure dates 1885-1886, and was destroyed by fire on March 9, 1887. Bricks were salvaged to rebuild the present courthouse.






The Richarsonian Romanesque Nugget Building, which houses the Nugget Theater. It was originally the Old First National Bank Building commissioned by Lucien Lucius (L.L.) Nunn in 1892. It was designed by Denver architect designed James Murdoch.


 The original Rio Grande Southern Train Depot, now an arts center or some sort. I saw they offer classes!


  The famous New Sheridan which has been lodging Telluride's visitors since 1891. Burned to ashes in 1894 but reopened in the current brick structure only a year later. The place has even endured flooding by nearby Coronet Creek. The building is also home to the Sheridan Opera House which opened in 1912 by J. A. Segerberg, the manager of the New Sheridan.



The Telluride Historical Museum which originally opened in 1896 as Hall's Hospital which, remarkable, remained open as a medical center until 1964. 


Never fear, if new-build is your thing. Mountain Village is for you. Still very pretty but with a style of mountain architecture that feels very glossy and new.