gush, I have a crush - maureen footer

Monday, October 10, 2011

I loved seeing Maureen Footer in the New York Social Diary this weekend. Her studio apartment is simply amazing and offers some excellent visual fodder. Please, observe below:

Even if you cannot have brightly colored walls - you can certainly opt for colorful furniture, accessories and draperies! I also love her matchstick blinds that allow light but offer privacy.
Division and differentiation of spaces executed so well. When I finally left the nest and got my own (so-grown-up-brownstone-walk-up-studio) apartment, I had a wall of semi-sheer drapes strung up by mug hooks. I think this is a slightly (okay a lot) more sophisticated option. Also, seating, seating, seating for small spaces. I am loving the flexibility and the daring of color.I cannot say enough nice things about her tapestry. No need to paint when you can cover! I'm most definitely green with envy. And I love the layered floor coverings. I've experienced military housing with very blah linoleum or I've had my share of rentals with poor quality carpeting. This is much better and can be placed right on top!
I had to throw this shot in as we clearly have similar tastes. I use chiavari chairs, mine in mahogany, as the ultimate stack-able, movable and most versatile chairs. I'm not sure where she found hers but I bought mine from and Sonya is fabulous! Also, I thought I would throw in that I love her choice of reading. I am slightly biased coming from a Naval Aviation family. Go Navy!