the nursery is complete

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I thought it would be fun to share my nursery for my little girl who is due any day now. Originally it was just a white room and then there was this little sneak peek. This was all before my seamstress brought over all the big blue buffalo check which changed the character of the room.

Now the walls are a soft builder white but it feels very warm, at least in person. I'm still not a whiz with my new camera, but the whites in the room are soft and light, not at all yellow. You'll have to let me know what you think. I feel like the cherry furniture also altered the original vision a bit but I still quite like it and it was all that was obtainable in Japan in American sizes. I think in the future I would reuse the linens but probably change out some of the furnishings although the cherry has very much grown on me.

This room is tiny, it is Japan after all. Although large for this country, I still had to squeeze in as much function as possible. So you'll note there is a shelf for a side table with a space-efficient hanging lamp making the most of that little corner. There are also a ton of baskets in this room. If there was space, I filled it with a basket! Also you may have noticed the upholstered animal print toy bin tucked in the corner of the first picture. It is also filled to the brim, just like every other nook and cranny.

View from the doorway, best captures the light mid-afternoon. And don't mind the watermarks. I've been playing with new photo editing software and needed something to do with it!

DIY mobile for under $30. Sure, it isn't high contrast with white butterflies but I still like it and find it to be very airy and delicate. Soon I plan to write up a post about this one. I also want to draft a source list soon so you can laugh at just how many things I had shipped here from the States. My post office does not like me.

And sadly, I'll probably be unable to blog as often as you've already seen. I've always been very fortunate that I could make design an obsessive hobby. I'm thankful everyday for that.

Being a mother for the first time, I will have to make it a real priority, but it is a job I'm really excited about and wanted. I don't plan to mom-blog although I do enjoy the ideas and creativity that mom-blogs often bring to the table. I'm just hoping to do my best! I also hope to keep blogging when I'm able but unfortunately, as you have probably already seen, my priorities will have to shift. I'm thankful for the friends and opportunities that this little "hobby" of mine has brought me.