pumpkins at the door

Monday, October 24, 2011

So loving this old fall post by Katy Elliott this morning.

Oddly, Katy was one of my "gateway bloggers" early on. She is an old childhood friend of my husband's family so I've been following her since her first post. My husband even fessed up to bugging her and his older sister incessantly as a boy! I haven't had the joy of meeting her yet since we're all over geographically but I'm so in love with her blog and her beautiful old house. Happy Friday!
BCN said...

This is a charming look, but I can't help think how lovely it would be with fairytale pumpkins. I've been seeing them at Trader Joe's lately, and they are just so beautiful.

Ann said...

Oh absolutely. I have seen some warty pretties at Whole Foods but our local farmers' market had some nice solid white ones, too. Although, I tried carving a white one last year and they seem much harder to carve!