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Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm a big believer in a kitchen being entirely utilitarian (I only put out fruit I can eat) and fitting a house. As much as I like painted cabinetry, I also love wood cabinetry. More specifically, I love Victorian-inspired wooden cabinetry. I believe in respecting the house like a person. You wouldn't tell your friend that they need a different nose instead of the one that fits them, the original model that was included? Well maybe you would. I digress, remember when I said I love woodwork and things that remind me of libraries? Well if a library and a kitchen had a baby, this would be it. I love it. I love the brass pulls. I love the library ladder. I love the glass cabinets to keep your china dust free as I really hate dusting. I love the butcher block counters. I love the utilitarian sink fixtures. I love everything about it.

In truth, I am not a fan of the "great room" concept. No, I don't want to see my dishes after dark. No, I don't want my house to smell of cooking. I like things contained, doors et al. I actually admire people with open kitchens that are able to keep clutter at bay and the counters crumb-free. This is just not me. I'm a big believer in Nigella Lawson's kitchen axioms as she discusses it with the Wall Street Journal. In the mean time, my rental has a great room so I'll be polishing the counters...

photo from pinterest
BCN said...

I love the glass doors on the cabinets for dishes, and something about the library-style ladder really calls to me.