the white house, four of five

Friday, December 2, 2011

Finishing out the "tour" of the White House main building, I want to look at the residences more closely. And to start, perhaps an odd space but the Cross Hall, truly a hallway, seems as good as any. The transformation is remarkable over such a short span of time. I'm so glad the White House Museum collected these images to see the transitions. Seen here in 1890 before the staircase was moved, again in 1898 and in 1903 which is structurally similar to as it stands today, evidenced by the 1990 image.

One of my favorite rooms, the State Dining Room circa 1867, 1890, Teddy Roosevelt's taxidermy circa 1904 and in 2004, similar to as it is today.

The Red Room in 1883, 1940 and today.

The Blue Room in 1898, 1903 (with Teddy Roosevelt's taxidermy again) and in 1999 as it is today.
The Green Room in 1882, 1946 and 2008.

The East Room in 1858, 1865, 1872, 1911 and 2008.

The Family Dining Room 1890 and 1999

Almost there, one more post for this afternoon!
JWC said...

I've always been fascinated by the Tiffany stained glass screens in the hall... such a shame that they no longer exist. Hard to even imagine these heavy and ornate Victorian rooms in a building that has come to be known for its classicism.

Ann said...

That is so true, the essential character is very different now. If you like Tiffany glass, you should see the Tiffany collection at the Morse Museum in Winter Park, FL. Amazing!