to taxidermy or not?

Friday, December 16, 2011

I was reading about some of the châteaux of Normandy the other day, in particular Château de Vendeuvre. While looking at the stairs, I noticed this little guy. Thoughts? I don't mind him, but that's just me.

Parnassus said...

I have a "one taxidermy" rule--one is intriguing, but two or more rapidly take over and get to be too much. Often they are effective in breaking up a too formal or stuffy look. The one I have now is a six-foot crocodile I found in a junk shop, and which my friends' kids love.

Ann said...

Parnassus, that is so unique; a far cry from the usual buck. I agree, I don't mind it but too many it gets to be a bit lodge-like.