a good read - chandeliers

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Speaking of lighting, or writing of lighting, I remember long ago someone in the blogosphere recommended this book and I'm so glad they did. Chandeliers by Elizabeth Hilliard is so comprehensive for the lighting neophyte. Prior to ordering this little work my extent of appreciation was, "oh shiny" or "oh, that is going to be a pain to clean." It doesn't seem to be in print anymore, but all the better for a bargain hunter.

A chandelier from Whitehall, London. Another, made from rare amber, in Rosenborg Castle of Denmark. An electrolier by Robert Lorimer in Scotland depicting St. George and the Dragon. And lastly, the chandeliers in the Music Room of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton.

These are images are scanned by me from the book and are credited to Elizabeth Hilliard, 2001. Apologies for the lack of scan quality...