for auld lang syne

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ah the New Years party. Something we haven't hosted in a long time as we've been constantly on the move. If in some imaginary world, we lived near all our friends, here is some fun party inspiration. Maybe you will feel inspired for your fete. I love these as favors of good fortune through the new year. Besides, who really has already packed up their holiday stuff, I mean really?

Champagne cocktails, enough said. Need a little libation inspiration?

Sweet wishes for the new year.

Balloons to lift your spirits.

And if you must serve dinner, a festive table.

Anonymous said...

Ah we're having people round for cocktails tomorrow night but heading into Edinburgh for Hogmanay. Auld Lang Syne always makes me cry, I have to struggle to hold myself together at that part of the night.