resolutions, revisted

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My second, constant resolution is fitness. I'm one of those unfortunate souls who is tormented by this Sisyphean task. Meaning, I work out, constantly and continually because I have to but trust, me not because I want to. To keep things motivating, I have to mix it up a lot. And I've found inspiring spaces sure don't hurt. How about Henry Flagler's Hotel Alcazar gym. I would totally work out here. source

The Biltmore Gym, better in person. And a wood rowing machine just like I remember my uncle having. source

Just like in school, I would surely not mind the skylight. source

I have an on again, off again relationship with yoga. Our latest stint together was Bikram, daily however presently we're on a break; it was just suffocating. I've practiced in a lot of studios but my favorite is a little hatha outside. When we lived on the ocean, I practiced in the morning on the beach before the neighbors were up to see me and giggle. I didn't mind that place so much!

I have always been a swimmer so naturally, I love pools such as the old NYAC pool. source