sending good tidings

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some people will be horrified to learn that I still send Christmas cards, you know like the old fashioned way. Not the kind with a printed letter telling of my children (or in my case, dogs) and their most recent exploits. Not the kind with sweet family photos. Not the kind that saves trees via email. Just plain, simple holiday cards. I like the good stuff, heavy card stock, possibly some letterpress, call me crazy. While I may not write the most detailed notes, the act of writing the recipient's name, thinking of them and their warm friendship throughout the year is a ritual for me. And selfishly, it helps me feel connected to family and friends far away, even if they don't celebrate Christmas personally. So while I have already ordered mine, if I had to pick now here are my top choices for old fashioned cards. My staple card tends to be something classic like these Hand Engraved Horse & Sleigh. Seems like just a touch of winter-time nostalgia from Crane's, very nice.

I love these simple motif cards from Wren Press, a perennial stationery favorite

Or how about these delicious Maisner Good Cheer cards via Jonathan Wright and Company?
For something more modern, love these by Snow & Graham

And for the New Year by William Arthur
Happy mailings!
blackheartbetty said...

Lovely! I haven't gotten a Christmas card in ages. I so get a lot of the photo variety, but I miss these!

Anonymous said...

I think it's lovely that you do, our circle has shrunk so much, that I barely send more than a handful now.