the white house, two of five

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving to the interior spaces today. I suppose we can start in the wings! The West Wing was originally conceived as stables and conservatories, a purpose it served from 1800-1901. In 1902 renovation commenced to make it an executive office with President Taft creating the Oval Officer in 1909. Come 1934 President Franklin Roosevelt, with architect Eric Gugler, created the second story and moved the Oval Office to the present day location.

One of my favorite rooms is the Palm Room in the West Wing. The treillage that President George Bush had installed in the late 80's is gorgeous.

Also loving the Navy Mess/Wardroom in the West Wing circa 1997. Much more un-done during the Kennedy Administration.
Perhaps one of the most interesting West Wing renos is turning the pre-1969 swimming pool into the Press Room! Seen here in 1948, my favorite in 1966, 1970 and 1986 quite similar to today.

Moving upstairs another classic room is the Cabinet Room. I am loving this photo circa 1903 and as it is today, photographed by Architectural Digest.

The Chief of Staff's Office as it is today, second photo. Originally this was the Secretary's Office in 1909.

And lastly for today, the Oval Office as it was originally constructed under President Taft. In 1927 under President Coolidge, President Roosevelt's Oval Office in 1936, President Truman's Oval Office in 1947, President Kenney's Oval Office in 1964, President Bush's Oval Office in 1992 and finally President Obama's today, as photographed in 2010. I highly suggest visiting the White House Museum's website to see the full evolution.

Regarding the East Wing, the origins for a structure start under President Jefferson who constructed a colonnaded terrace. Removed in 1866 the terrace was replaced with greenhouses. The original East Wing was constructed in 1902, under Theodore Roosevelt, as an entrance for visitors. The modern structure was built in 1942 with the intent to cover the construction of an underground bunker. And in Rosalynn Carter in 1977 was the first First Lady to place her personal office in the East Wing. For more images and history, please visit the White House Museum.