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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've been reading shelter blogs for a long time, although I'm relatively new to writing myself. One thing that has always struck me as somewhat peculiar is that I enjoy seeing a variety of tastes in the bloggers out there. I grew up in a very modern interior as I distinctly remember my father's Wassily chairs as a young child. Wonderful for imagining yourself as a mermaid in a net, see...

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Personally, I tend to be more attracted to classical furnishings, techniques and antiques however, perhaps because of the way my parents lived, I understand the appeal of modern interiors. My mother had a Le Corbusier chair that was a perfect little reading nest in that cubic shape. I still remember hanging my feet over the arms. So even though I would personally rather live in a period house museum, I "get" other styles.

The point of all this is that among the blogs I read, some bloggers truly are very modern in their tastes while others are what I could call "strictly classical" and seem to be after my own heart. One of the more classical blogs, which is just a visual treat, is Ornamental Passions. The author, Chris, is a journalist in the UK who profiles beautiful decorative facades and the stories behind them. Here is a peek at his photos, mind you not all of it is very old, but certainly none of it is minimalist.

Photos by Ornamental Passions

Side-note, I've been collecting images of interiors for the past several years. You know, pre-pinterest, so sadly they're not cataloged well with provenance. I hope to start sorting through some for These Walls of White. That will be a feat in and of itself!

BCN said...

I love that insight into your childhood. Amazing.

Dionne said...

Oh how lovely. Makes me wanna go to Europe.