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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've been seeing shells around and I like it. My favorite uses? Corralling things in the kitchen. See the fruit bowl of the Petersiks at YHL? Adorable and the very shape allows air to flow to prevent premature, ahem, aging.

I am also loving the shell at Kiki's List. I think she's using it for sponges, can't be sure. However, how perfect to allow them to dry so they don't just sit and, ahem, grow things? Also, that sub-cabinet shelf for those odds and ends that you use everyday keeps the counters tidy, how nice.

Next time I'm in one of those kitschy beach shops, I'm going to have to scour for some bowl-sized shells. I've seen cast replicas only they always seem to have the caveat of not exposing the resin to water... bummer. I did find a planter but it is cast to look like stone, not a shell. So far, Jamali Garden's is the closest without going real.

If you want to go real, I found a few online here. I do wonder about how they are harvested or if they are farmed. Something to consider/investigate. Looking for other ways to use it around the house?

Images from Completely Coastal

So what prompted all this shell mania? I recently visited a powder room with a sink similar to this natural beauty. Would you have this at home?

BCN said...

I love the idea of using it as a planter. I might have to bring that up to the Cape House.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I have a much smaller shell which is still pretty big that I found at the beach a few years ago that I use for a soap dish at my bathroom sink. Everytime I use the soap I think of Cape Cod *sigh*

Ann said...

You Cape Codders! I never have the luck to find intact shells. I even tried on Sanibel Island; I think I'm just unlucky...