gush, I have a crush - erika powell

Friday, November 18, 2011

Erika was another gateway blogger. I discovered her blog while looking for some examples of window coverings a couple years ago. It has been such a joy to see her business grow and flourish. Never bashful about boasting for others - she was recently featured in Better Homes and Gardens. And it helps, she has a cute little sidekick (her daughter) in many of her blog photos! You can see more here at pinterest, at her blog or at her company's website Urban Grace. I think her real talent is kitchens, every one is amazing. Her own kitchen is my favorite, you can read about it here at Kitchn.

Also, Kiki's List found a great tutorial for that gorgeous pink skirt. You know, if you are the crafty and skilled type unlike myself.
ArchitectDesign™ said...

I love the built-in furniture look in the kitchen -don't you?

Anonymous said...

I loathe my kitchen so much that I can barley look at kitchen pics but I'm too mean to blow a giant wad of cash on kitchen units, I need a lumberjack husband to make something unique.