high - low

Saturday, November 19, 2011

This is an awfully girly post, so apologies in advance. My husband and I are loafing about a bit before an event tonight. The calm before the storm, so the speak. I was browsing some blogs and online stores when I spotted a high-low in women's clothes. Old Navy has their own motorcycle-styled jacket in cotton/nylon, on sale, for around thirty dollars, apparently it was featured in Lucky. Did anyone see that?
Here is Barbour's on sale for around three-hundred dollars. To be sure, it would probably last a lot longer but will cost a bit more. I still have Barbour jackets from my teen years.

Also, managed to get a manicure in Essie's Carry On this morning. I am pretty traditional in my manicure usually. I've even had a manicurist call me "boring" but oh well! Maybe it is because while my car was in the shop this week I had a lot of time to read overly-trendy glossies... I'm kind of liking it, maybe not for always but for fun.

photo from we heart it.