whitehall, one of three

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So you'll have to indulge me over the next few days as I share my photos from a recent trip to Palm Beach. Firstly, I have a few confessions:
1. I never used to take photos so I vowed to try and start. Now I take too many.
2. I'm a terrible photographer.
3. All my travel photos end up being of houses and gardens so it isn't entirely a snore, I mean if you're into that kind of stuff.

We were there to see friends and horses but I had to stop into the Flagler Museum. I find some new detail I love every time I go to a house museum. Whitehall is the quintessential old Palm Beach museum. I took a few (a ton) of snapshots of my favorite rooms. Or was that every room? Don't worry photography was allowed just no flash so while I got some details that are not oft published, they're not magazine quality by any means. Oh yes and they had not yet removed their holiday decorations. So these photos are mine and my husband is amazed that after all the times we've been there, I finally went snap happy...





Now going inside, the Entrance Hall is the most popular room and since it is hard to take a good photo without a flash, I'll leave it to someone else.

Stair details for Stefan (oh but there's another one yet!)


The Library



The Music Room



The Billiard Room


South Hall, from Classical Addiction (who it seems was there at the same time and must have just passed me!)

And from me, clearly their camera was better suited to the lighting!


And tomorrow starts with the Grand Ballroom in case I haven't crashed your computer yet... However, I'm going to get around to the upstairs spaces which are truly my favorites.
ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love the stair detail! can't wait to see more :-) What a spectacular house -I had no idea! So totally over the top.

Ann said...

Oh I'm obsessed with all things Flagler at this point... If you got to Miami even, it isn't too far for a day trip!