Monday, February 20, 2012

Taking a quick break today to bring a new acquisition to my art restorer. My husband bought an amazing landscape at auction, or at least we like it! Unfortunately it has fallen prey to the usual decaying varnish which has been left neglected leading to flaking of the actual paint. Here's hoping my guy can help us out! I'm always amazed at the before and afters of art restoration! This is from Mr. Mahoney, but here's a cleaning in progress.

One of his more impressive fixes, this was dropped by a forklift!

There are so many talented restorers, but it is truly a rare skill. This book has been really helpful for me, the lay person, to try and understand what needs to be done. Here's the e-book for free. I cannot wait to have my landscape finished. I'll have to take some before and afters myself!

images from the PAFA, New England Art Restoration
Parnassus said...

It is amazing what restorers can do. They can even remove the entire canvas on a painting, if it is weak or rotting, and reattach the paint film to a new canvas, an operation which I have seen.

Even more amazing is that I got a readable verification code after only about 100 tries.
--Road to Parnassus

Ann said...

Your blogger success tells me miracles do happen! Fingers crossed that it is the same for my painting :)

When I brought it in my guy gave me some great insight based on the amount of decay. He even analyzed where it was kept by previous owners! Likely above a hearth due to the drying on the lower half from constant dry heat. And he ID'ed the frame's period based on construction and how much restoration was needed. I'm so excited to see the finished product in a couple months!!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I've been meaning to bring this portrait of my grandfather as a young boy (looks EXACTLY like me) home everytime i visit my parents. It's in their basement and over the years has had some damage as you can imagine. I'm sure nothing a good restoration cant' fix!