Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm really liking this room by Phoebe Howard, incorporating the pale blues and quilts. I never was much for handmade quilts. I think they're beautiful and show remarkable skill, but they are often too busy for me. However, this simple design is really quite lovely.

Want to make a simple quilt your own? On sale at Macy's, thank you Martha.

Also, I loved this high-low from Boxwood Clippings. Sadly, the lamp was on clearance so good luck at your local store. However, they still have a similar style of lamp.
ArchitectDesign™ said...

ya, i've never really been into quilts myself although can definitely appreciate them. I have one my mom made me as a kid that I like but would never really put out in my house but use it when I'm sick or need an extra blanket (bold red white & blue).
My great grandmother was a big quilter and there are many of her quilts floating aroudn the family. One of them was pretty ragged and my parents actually used it when they brought me some furniture as packing!! It was shades of pink and in a crazy pattern- i ended up selling it on ebay for $1200!!! Don't tell my parents -haha.

Ann said...

You're telling me that you made a grand off a quilt AFTER you used it to move furniture?! Okay I would have to pay someone to take a quilt that I made, if I made them... Your grandmother must have been very skilled! Well, I kind of feel like it is good to pass it along these things to someone who will love it and proudly display it. I know what you mean though, I just cannot get into the bright crazy colors!