a good read - newport villas

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Newport Villas is one of those favorites, which I open time and time again. As I notice a different house Cliff Walk, I have to check to see if there is anything on it. This book is amazing. It records a number of original photographs and floor plans as well as information on the owners, the architect, designers, subsequent owners, and what has become of the house.

I took some photos from the book to share with you just so you can see how invaluable this work really is if you are a fan of the period. First the loggia from Belcourt.

Then rooms from Villa Rosa, Gray Craig, Cherry Neck Bungalow and Bonniecrest.

This book comes with floor plans as well.

And just for some Newport love, think about supporting the Newport Preservation Society. I'm a fan and have been for a long time. Oddly, I've been to every tour-able house in that town, even those unaffiliated with the Society. Maybe we should look at a few... hmm.

Photos from the book, uploaded by me. I believe a number of these originate from the Newport Preservation Society's Archives.
BCN said...

I love house visiting in Newport, I try to stop on the way back from the Cape!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

MAYBE? yes - share your tours! I've been to the big gilded age houses on my one trip to Newport 7 years ago and have been dying to go again.