privet clutch

Friday, May 25, 2012

Did you buy anything from the Privet for Target collection? I did - one place mat.

Okay, before you start thinking I'm one buckle short of a straight jacket, I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and have been looking for a suitable mat since. When I saw this in stores I thought it was just right for a summer clutch. So pretty self explanatory from pictures. I used some twill tape, snaps (rather than loud velcro, and remember not to use magnets which can deactivate cards) and some clear poly thread.

I first figured out how I wanted my envelope clutch to fold. Then I tried to ensure my snaps would match, attaching them to the twill tape to be sewed onto the panels of the clutch.

And the finished product. All told it took approximately forty-five minutes. I am really pleased with my jute and rope envelope clutch!

Ann said...

Thanks Stefan, glad you like my kooky diy! I accidentally deleted your comment, darn touch screens, sorry. The movers are here so hard to sit down at the computer. And thanks on the nail color, too. I love the brights but they never last for more than a day so back to sheer nudes. A manicurist actually said I was boring once ha!

the poor sophisticate said...

I love this!!!! So brilliant! Good job!