architectural elevations

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've long been a design fan of Charlotte Moss and her corpus of work. I recall she once said something about using architectural elevations as beautiful framed art prints. They do look so nice above this desk of hers.

Now, I'm adamantly against desecrating antiquarian books and pillaging for prints. I refuse to buy them from book sellers that ruthlessly murder fine books. I am not without blame. I confess to buying a whole slew of them in college but never again. Very fine copies are just as beautiful - leaving those fine literary gems in tact. And per Jenny Komenda's suggestion (the woman is a genius) I spent a some time surfing the NYPL's digital gallery.

By the bye, I am still a card carrying NYPL member. I digress, I found a treasure trove of candidates that are free for printing. Cha-ching. You can even order a nice, professional-quality print from them too. Lovely!


THis is a great find! I had no idea you could get these off the NYPL--thanks so much for sharing!