British Hills

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A friend of mine tipped me off to this gem. I really wanted to share it with you because A. it is amazing, and B. it is in Fukushima. I know the aftermath of the earthquake is what everyone thinks of but honestly, Japan has moved on. This place is a testament to life after the Great East Japan Earthquake, as it is called here. Things are returning to normal. Well, normal medieval England...

British Hills was crated by the Kanda University of International Studies and the Kanda Institue of Foreign Languages in 1994. Originally intended as a place of immersion in English language and culture - it has grown! Plus, I hear the scones are fabulous.

This is the refectory, but Harry Potter may have been filmed here - just kidding. It is perfection!

The tea house, the Ascot

And what would a British-themed resort be without a pub? Welcome to the Falstaff.

Oh and there are barracks

There are no words because this doesn't even look like we're still in Japan. It is better than a theme park nicely nestled in the Hatoriko Highlands! And it is only two hours via Shinkansen (bullet train) form Tokyo. Thanks so much to Keiko for telling me about this gem!

Photos all via British Hills, if you're interested in the current status of radiation, click here.
ZoeB said...

Blimey . If they come to the UK expecting such a twee environment they ll be very disappointed. Better dust down my pearly queen outfit ready for their arrival!