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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I've been browsing for a new sofa lately. I still absolutely love our chesterfield from Chesterfields of England. We've had it for several years and it gets better and softer every day. But I would like to move this into a study in the next house. Who knows where that will be but certainly bigger than our house here in Japan - most are! So we'll need something else for a family space.

Today I noticed that Ikea is debuting an English Roll Arm collection called Stocksund

It can certainly give the look for less compared to the Pottery Barn Carlisle collection.

Love these rooms with Roll Arm sofas.

sourced from Pinterest

sourced from Houzz 

sourced from Phoebe Howard's portfolio

And even in color, so fabulous.

sourced from Lauren Leiss's portfolio, her first house

sourced from Sophia Coppola's apartment
Here's the Ikea one in action

sourced from Ikea

Parnassus said...

Hello Ann, For me, a sofa has two initial requirements that cannot be waived. It must be long enough to lie down on, and the cushions must be firm. The ones you have selected here all look comfortable and traditional.

Ann said...

I totally agree. That's my one complaint with the traditional tufted seat chesterfield style. It is a gorgeous sofa with buttery leather but It is more comfortable in a suit of tuxedo since you don't sink in too far. However, for napping or lounging, it just doesn't work for us, it is too firm and angular. I'm not really interested in sectionals because we might need the flexibility on a future move, but something cushy would be nice.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

That Ikea one makes my eyes want to be ripped out. I mean -they TRIED..good on them. But if you're shopping at Ikea, you have to know that your couch will last approximately 3-4 years and will be uncomfortable. You might as well get what they do well, which is modern.
That said, I wanted a traditional English sofa for my apartment but couldn't justify the cost for many reasons(which is how I ended up with the 'antique' couch I have now which checks a lot of boxes but isn't perfect). The pottery barn one is surprisingly good (comfortable, good quality, etc) if you have the room.

Ann said...

I agree, the upholstery isn't the level I would want but the price is really inexpensive if someone were doing a starter apartment. Good to hear about the PB one. I originally liked the one at WS Home but this price is much nicer. :)

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

One of my favorites! I love this classic. Do you like a skirted version, just curious? Cheers

Anonymous said...

I have 3 Ektorps for years and they are very comfortable and don't lose their shape. The Stocksund is fabulous and I was totally shocked when I saw it in person. Wasn't expecting to love it because, well...it's IKEA. I was wrong! It's beautiful and the gray-beige color option is perfect. Of course the off white is always classic. Oh, and it is comfy as well.

Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by Anonymous, I'm glad to hear your review. I wasn't impressed initially (just by photos on their site, but those aren't always accurate) but I've heard the quality is actually really good in person and comfy to boot. Glad to hear that confirmed! How have your Ektorps aged? They seem tried and true on the blogosphere but they sure do look nice and comfy. Looking for a kid-friendly and pocketbook-friendly option and it seems like a good one.