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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Have you seen Victoria Hagan's NYC apartment? It maintains her clean aesthetic with a little city modernity. But above all the color palette is glittering yet peaceful - a respite from the bustling streets. 

We found out we're moving back to NY in several months. I'm excited to be heading home, for life is certainly easier with the familiar. There have been many challenges that are indescribable about being an expat, but moreover relating to our specific situation here. Yet, this was where our daughter was born and spent the first precious years. I will miss this time in Japan very much with bittersweet memories. I think that's life though, you have to keep the good and forget the bad. As we enjoy these last few months in here, we just had our first snowfall. This crisp apartment just reminds me of the fresh start of this winter season.

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ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh thats great you're coming home! 2 years (has it been?) is long enough as an ex-pat. Her apartment is icily beautiful (and fitting to her personality from what I hear) -love the entry hall in particular.

Ann said...

Great to hear from you! I do love that entry and that's interesting - people tend to reflect their spaces. Three years now, believe it or not! My Japanese is still terrible but my feigned accent is getting better. :)

Parnassus said...

Hello Ann, Leaving Japan! It must be hard to contemplate leaving the life that you have built up there, not to mention all that work on your apartment. Well, as you intimate, a new adventure is looming, and we can look forward to seeing how you face the new challenges.

By the way, Stefan's comments on the Hagan apartment were spot-on.

Best of luck for the future,