Camp Sagamore, Part I

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I've been traveling a lot in the past couple years. I still take photos of architecture along the way - can't break the habit. I recently had a good friend who is a terribly accomplished designer visit me in New York and just through sharing enthusiasm for architecture and design, she really encouraged me to write again. We also took a quick trip up to the Adirondacks and here I am, with photos from Sagamore, the old Vanderbilt lodge. What you can't see are the biting black flies. So let's start where you would if you were visiting the property:

Stables and Carriage House - If you stayed at the property, to enhance the image of the rustic, your car would be dropped with a driver at the end of the drive where a carriage would bring you the the house. If you were of appropriate caste, you would enjoy pomp and circumstance in the form of sparklers and such along the drive. Meanwhile your modern vehicle would sit here, waiting for your return trip.

Wood shed roof with exquisite patina

"Wigwam House" - Note the sides are made of peeled bark applied.

The view of Racquette Lake

On a more personal note, a few months ago we bought a house. After living all over the world, it feels nice to put down roots. It was built in 1886-1891 and we're redoing a lot. Some of the original plasterwork is in tact but a lot has been sacrificed for pragmatism. I'm enjoying revamping the spaces (kitchen, bathrooms, etc) remotely from New York. I thought when we finally stopped moving I would be all about the renovation blogging/journaling, but I'm just not that into it. I think I like the inspirational places most of all.
ArchitectDesign™ said...

love those bark covered cabins!