Sapporo Snow Festival Part III

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finally, my last group of photos from the Sapporo Snow Festival. I wanted to include some things I'll never forget, like this amazing demo area for Japanese snowboarders and skiers.

There was some true talent but I'll never forget this lady, a girl who grew up in Hokkaido. She was amazing!

Sculptures of just about everything...

Including Disney's Frozen, obviously. There were about half a dozen Olafs.

These American Sailors with the US Navy who sculpted the USS Constitution.

Huddling around the heaters for warmth in the standing-room-only dining tents. Oh and speaking of survival - if you go, bring your own paper and hand towels for the loos. Public places, especially parks, don't provide. Yes, I just went there.

Milk Land! Hey, when in Hokkaido... (this is where most Japanese milk comes from, it is not unlike visiting Wisconsin if you're American)

How it inspires everyone - these were our Aussie neighbors and their masterpieces in Niseko

And this guy, who pretty much summarizes how I feel whenever I'm behind the wheel... just kidding.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Sapporo Snow Festival!