Sapporo Snow Festival Part I

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It has been a crazy month trying to get things sorted for the move. It is insane how early you need to start with the logistics when you're moving stuff, family, pets, etc. Anyways, during the past month we managed to take a week off from all of that and head to Sapporo for the 66th Annual Snow Festival.

Now I know you're thinking, "what, isn't it almost Spring? I don't want to see snow!" but trust me, the snow sculptures were amazing. So amazing that I really took tons of photos. For the sake of sanity and not breaking blogspot, I will divide them into multiple posts and just include my favorites. So let's start at the head of Odori Park, the Shiryokan, a former courthouse.

We started at the farthest end and made our way to the the Sapporo TV Tower at the base of the park. The most northern portion are independent sculptures created by artists and volunteers. These were my favorite - so creative and detailed. Like this shrine:

Or this temple (if you are curious about Japanese temple design, this is actually a great starting point)

This guy is very popular (judging by his presence in McDonald's marketing over here) but I have no idea who he is:

Then come the main attractions.

This one below is an ice sculpture of Lungshan Temple in Taipei sponsored by the Taiwanese. Road to Parnassus, I thought of you!

Here's the original, for a good comparison. source

Then one of the more popular sculptures... I think this measures (just a guess) about three stories.

For scale

A couple more ice sculptures

Some odds and ends from around town. I couldn't find a sign but this building was amazing.

Sapporo TV Tower

More photos of Sapporo to come!
ArchitectDesign™ said...

wow -what a cool event that is -impressive! Looks like a really cool city too -LOVE that courthouse and I spy a few other interesting buildings. You'll miss it all when you come back home!

Ann said...

Stefan, it is a wonderful city! I really think if I were to live in Japan long term, Sapporo would be it. I love the snowy parts, like Niseko, in Hokkaido but Sapporo itself has a ton to do, some neat architecture, a wonderful restaurant (and bar, of course!) scene and some great cultural things to do. I would love to go back again. If you go, be prepared for snow! There's so much they don't really shovel or plow, they just pack it down on the sidewalks so it is like walking on a skating rink!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

How cool! No pun intended :) Those are really incredible works of art. And such impressive scale.

It finally feels like spring in DC. My daffodils are coming up - yay!

Ann, you're moving? Back to the States?

Hope you are well, L

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

PS - I thought of Jim at Parnassus, too.

Parnassus said...

Hello Ann, These are utterly fabulous. The white clapboard building looks like it was transported from early 19th century New England, after being remodeled during the Swiss Chalet Revival era. I was amazed at seeing Long Shan Temple reproduced in ice. I love walking around that area (in Taiwan!)--the temple is large and impressive (the photo appears hemmed-in).

No way to pick a favorite though; the transparent ones seem more magically mysterious, yet the white ones show more fantastic detail.