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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One of the things I've become quite adept at is pinning one-handed on my iPad while I walk circles trying to soothe our colicky little girl. I spotted a pin by Karen Robertson the other day of a room done by two lovely friends, Kelly Grokulsky and Alex Gebicke.


They're two sweet Florida ladies and Kelly runs Grokulsky Interiors. All her spaces are so peaceful and relaxing - something I'm craving when my poor little lady is crying all day!

All images by and belonging to Grokulsky Interiors
Parnassus said...

Hello Ann, Your friends have a light touch, perfect for Florida. What is remarkable about their style is that within the overall calm are so many interesting details, for example the chandelier, and that round table top in the last photo. I especially like the painting in the last photo--it seems full of the mystery and lure of the Florida swamps.
--Road to Parnassus