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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still have more travel photos to upload but in the meantime, I've been admiring this tranquil bedroom from designer Louise Brooks’ house as seen in Traditional Home.

It gets dark quite early now, so I'm enjoying cozying up and catching up on movies and books. A bit of quiet before our baby arrives. Also, I'm new to the "Tudors" which is pretty entertaining. I totally disliked it at first but now I can't stop watching the series on Netflix.
Parnassus said...

Hello Ann, I'm assuming that this is not THE Louise Brooks, the famous actress. The room does look very tranquil, except that the bottom of the bed is blocked by that chest; I'm assuming that this Louise Brooks is very short.

Ann said...

Same name, different woman! I believe the first Ms. Brooks passed in the mid-1980's but the house of the second is lovely. There's more here, it is very peaceful. And if she is a petite lady, she'll need a step stool as that bed is very tall! http://www.traditionalhome.com/design_decorating/howwelive/louise-brooks-elegant-home_ss1.html