nebuta floats

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A few weeks ago we attended the Nebuta Festival. I'm still (yes still!) unpacking so I'm just getting these up, sorry. Remind me never to move again if it can be helped. Anyways, I wanted to share these less so for the awe factor of the floats but more for the vibrant colors and patterns that are hand painted on paper and would make gorgeous inspiration for fabrics and prints.



And in case you are wondering, these are all man-powered.

Loved the traditional hats...

...and the less traditional floats.

photos by me, please credit, thanks!
Parnassus said...

Hi Ann, These apparently are made the same way as the Chinese lanterns featured at New Year that I posted on before -

As always, the Japanese attention to detail is amazing, and they bring these to a high level of artistry. I never saw the Chinese lanterns used as floats in a parade, but that seems a perfect way to display them.

--Road to Parnassus

Ann said...

That is exactly the post I thought of when the parade started!