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Monday, August 13, 2012

One of my favorite stores here in Japan is Muji. I had forgotten about it until I stopped in the other day. I don't even identify with their aesthetic but the utter completeness of it makes me want to buy kraft paper notebooks, red rain boots and blond wood furniture like it going out of style. I like to think of it as an enlightened Ikea.

I know there are a few shops in NYC and London as well as a handful of other cities. Beware, you'll find yourself buying a lot of things you don't need because, well they're pretty.

Images from Muji.com and here and here and here
Parnassus said...

Very impressive-looking shop, although for the most part, these kinds of places make we want to run out rather than buy things.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Ann - I've been addicted to this chain for quite some time. I used to carry back office supplies from the stores in London. I've also visited them in Paris. So glad they are in NYC now.....a lot closer :-)

BTW, is there still a Takashimaya in Japan? They closed the 5th Ave store in NYC a few years ago. It was the most beautiful department store with a charming tea room.


Parnassus said...

Regarding Loi's comment, there is still a Takashimaya in Taipei. Most of the big department stores here are Japanese--we also are well stocked with Sogo and Mitsukoshi.

Ann said...

Hi Loi and P!

Loi, I'm sure there is but we're in a smaller town so they don't always have the most selection. I'm going into the city soon so I may pop in and see what's there. I used to go to the 5th Ave one all the time and was very sad when it closed.

P, I remember Sogo! Gosh, there are all these things I had forgotten but living in the Orient, it is like light bulbs are going off again! I wish I had that reaction to stores. It is like they're selling a lifestyle and I'm a sucker for marketing. I must be one of those proles they're targeting. Just kidding!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Wow, that surprises me! But after reading P's comments, I vaguely remember all the Japanese boutiques in Hong Kong when I visited back in the 1980s. Never been to Taipei though.