Boldt Castle, Part I

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Did I mention I've been taking a ton of travel architecture snapshots over the past couple years? Well here are some from Boldt Castle. And if you've never heard of it, you might have heard of the dressing that this man made popular. Thousand Islands? Really its just Russian dressing rebranded for your reuben sandwiches, as I understand it, by George C. Boldt for offering in his hotel, the Waldorf Astoria. Also, note the Waldorf Salad which I've never really been a fan of. Just not my cup of tea. But if you have the chance to visit the Thousand Islands, please do! Not only will you be glad to know the origin of the namesake dressing but truly the St. Lawrence River is one of the most naturally breathtaking places I've ever seen. Also, this house. Sorry the photos aren't great - I didn't bring full camera equipment with me on this trip.

Now my daughter is a HUGE fan of this house because it is on Heart Island and has hearts... everywhere.

Yet sadly, it was intended as a love token for his wife, Louise, who passed only weeks before Valentines Day when he intended to present it to her. So at the time, they ceased work on the house and it was never finished.... until relatively recently by the local community. You will see that evidence of unfinished work throughout, including the top floor where they've stabilized it to show the character of how it was found.

More of the beautiful grounds and other buildings to come!