kinkaku-ji, kyoto

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The "Golden Pavilion" is officially called Rokuon-ji, or the deer garden. It was seriously one of the busiest sites we visited in Kyoto - bananas! But it was worth it, what a gorgeous zen garden and temple. The site dates to as early as 1397. Tragically, the original pavilion was burned down in 1950 and rebuilt in 1955. But really, what a splendid site.

The garden is the product of the Muromachi period in design, of the height of classical Japanese landscape design.

Photos by me, please credit if you share - thanks!

Parnassus said...

Hello Ann, Such a serene and beautiful site. The Japanese have the knack of enhancing natural sites by providing focal points that do not overwhelm, even when gilded as is this temple.

Ann said...

I know Jim, only here would something completely covered in gold still look, "reserved" haha!