tenryu-ji and the bamboo forest

Friday, June 20, 2014

I truly think this was one of my favorite places in Kyoto and from what I gather it can be translated to Temple of the Heavenly Dragon. I mean, it is no wonder that it is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A significant temple of Zen Buddhism founded in 1339 to honor Gautama Buddha. The most recent structure dates as late as 1934. 

Such a beautiful indoor-outdoor hall

Beautiful ornamentation

Front courtyard rock and moss garden

I believe this painting is of Da Mo, the Indian Monk.

And of course, the gorgeous Bamboo Forest just beyond the temple's back gate. The light that filters through these towering, protected bamboo trees is just indescribable. It is no wonder I saw several photo shoots happening while we were there... And of course my toddler adored running around as well.

All photos by me, please credit if you share - thanks!!
Parnassus said...

Hello Ann, It is amazing how the Japanese can impose proportioned elegance and create a sense of tranquility over such a large site. The bamboo photo is breathtaking--I do wonder whether walking there gives one a "bottom of the chasm" feeling.