country sports

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm finally getting my recent trip photos uploaded. It only took me forever, sorry. While I sort through the decor related ones I thought I would share photos from a country festival I attended here in Japan. There was mastiff wrestling; unlike dog fighting the dogs are really just trained to pin one another. They're also huge!

And horse pull trials where they raced farm horses pulling cinder blocks.

Okay this week I'm actually going to get some good photos uploaded. Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekends.
Parnassus said...

It seems that the Japanese really go in for these really weird forms of entertainment--who thinks up these contests?

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Omgosh! The dogs and horses are huge!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ann. Did you make a traditional American dinner? We spent it with my family and our dinner was quite international: turkey, ham, mashed potato, Vietnamese beef stew, Chinese eggrolls, Korean noodle, etc :)


Ann said...

Jim, I know it was a little eccentric. They also have a salmon catch where they wade into a pool and try to catch them with their bare hands but that day the salmon were not cooperating so they didn't have them out. Maybe next year!

Loi, I still can't get over that you have TWELVE siblings! I'm an only so I'm very envious! Sounds like a wonderful meal. We had a very simple holiday. Luckily the Japanese are keen on pumpkin, squash and carrots so an American style fall meal was easy to duplicate. :)