bazaar goodies

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I just wanted to share some of the neat things I saw this past weekend at that bazaar. There nothing that I felt I "had to have" but I did see a couple odds and ends that were interesting. I wish there was better lighting for photos, but look at these chairs. They were new but really lovely.

A vendor from Indonesia brought quite a bit of teak furniture. These benches caught my eye for their shape.

 Lots of daruma dolls like this one

 And my favorite, washi eggs in lots of colors

Many kokeshi dolls

Hatano pottery, which truthfully I don't know much about yet but it was fun to examine and had such lovely glazes. Most of the signs were in Japanese except for one says, "Hatano" so if you know anything about it, please share!

  One of the antiques dealers had a lot of goodies. Nothing I brought home but I did admire these porcelain pillows.

 The tag on this simply said, "Imperial Doll House" and was quite a nice set. It included the porcelain faced dolls.

He didn't speak any English and my Japanese is not good so I couldn't ask what the porcelain things were with the teapots. Any suggestions? I did admire the many kashigata wood molds for making sweets.

 I really liked this Shisa/Shishi dog but I had nowhere to put him. I think of everything he was one of my favorites of the day.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Dear Ann ~ Thanks for sharing about this bazaar. An entirely different experience for me here (as I trade and collect European antiques and decorative arts). Despite working at an Asian arts museum years ago, I know very little about Japanese or Asian furniture and objects. I do love Japanese pottery and the beautiful glazes. Hope you are doing well, my friend :)